Does spicy pork products equal bad dreams? I've heard in the past that one shouldn't eat pork before going to bed...

I've heard earlier that one shouldn't eat pork before going to bed as it may cause doomed to failure dreams.I used to tend to think this was an old knowledgeable tale,but didn't do it anyway as I don't like bad dreams.I close to pep. pizza,breakfast and Italian sausage,salami etc, but have never dared eating them past due night,until last night.....I have an almost paralyzing type dream about 3 hours into my sleep after eating some salami and crackers as a midnite snack.
If this is true,is it something to do with the focused spices in the product,or the nitrates?
Answers:    Yes,I do agree midnite snacks and the like are generally not good.I do wonder though give or take a few those specific products and nitrates.I may try it again.I wasn't worried about dreams when I ate these items,I was just hungry (although I see your point) Report Abuse
Pork is bleak for you it can cause high blood pressure and yes I heard this truism to but I think it's just a myth.
Yes, this is an old wives tale. However, enduring foods can affect people¡¯s sleep, and possibly cause bad dreams. Dreams often relate to what have happened previously during the day or what is currently going on in one¡¯s energy. Most likely you got yourself so hyped up and worried about have a bad dream from eating pork, that your anxiety actually cause the bad dream.

It is not good to eat any food right in the past going to bed.

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