What are those things that the hospital put on your legs after surgery? I had my appendix taken out and after surgery they put these...

I had my appendix taken out and after surgery they put these cuffs on my legs to maintain circulation going. They would fill up with air and squeeze my leg afterwards release. Do you know what those are called? I would love some for me to use at home.
Answers:    Those are pneumatic compression devices for the leg.
the idea behind these is the reality that a lot of venous blood gathers in your soleus (calf) muscle while you are bed ridden surrounded by the hospital, this blood may coagulate due to stagnancy and if a chop of this clotted blood disintegrates itself and travels up to clog some important artery, severe consequences may develop such as paralysis.
hence the device compresses your leg and pushes lazy blood to work.
commonly gradient compression stockings are used within hospitals, cheap and efficient. you must have been to an expensive hospital.
you can find some of these devices on Amazon, but beforehand you go buy them i want to give you 2 advices:
they are not better than walking by any means.
rise compression stockings are cheaper and as efficient as the pneumatic devices, but i guess the devices feel better.

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