I have a 97.5 body temp and just getting over the flu. Is this usual? I am getting chills all the time and tingling in my entire...

I am getting chills all the time and tingling surrounded by my entire body when this happens, but I feel very hot and close to I will pass out. The wrost day was Monday. Doctor give me Allegra to relieve nasal symptoms. But I feel super hot and sweaty all night. I enjoy not had a fever since Monday night. Three separate reading on the digitial thermometer were 97.2, 97.8, and 97.5. Is that ok, or should I go back to the doctor. I be there yesterday
Answers:    Those temperatures are totally normal!! You're appreciably not suffering from the flu anymore.
It's common for individual temps to alter by one or two degrees. What bothers me is that you still perceive feverish. If I were in your position, I would run the Dr. I'm sure it's nothing but it's best not to take chances near your health.

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